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NORWESCAP Changes Name
Grand Harvest Wine and Music Festival Program of the Month
Family Success Center
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We are reliant on partnerships and collaborations in the community to have an impact on the people that we serve.

As a result, the agency whose legal name is Northwest New Jersey Community Action Program, has changed “Program” to “ Partnership.”

Working with business, faith based, educational, health, law enforcement and other community based organizations, we can more effectively serve our neighbors.

Please watch this video to see how you can get involved.”
The 7th annual Grand Harvest Wine & Music Festival offers guests an opportunity to TASTE AND LEARN.
Sample and learn more about outstanding, award-winning wines produced by Four Sisters Winery and those of our invited guest, Brook Hollow Winery.

Tour the grounds and enjoy the music of Electric Gumbo, Michael Long, Steve Kirchuk, and WNTI Public Radioís Nine of a Kind - guaranteed to get you on your feet and dancing in the field!

Hungry? Go picnic or go classic – you won’t be disappointed! Four Sisters will have the cook tent sizzling with delicious burgers, sandwiches and other picnic food, and additional food vendors will surprise you with tantalizing treats, as well. Bring a blanket, chair, and a table to set out a feast for yourself and your guests

Have you ever needed help but werenít sure where to start? The NORWESCAP Family Success Center is a family-centered, community-based, one-stop center covering Warren County with a vast array of programs and services. All of our services are free for families (including individuals) with no eligibility requirements. A Family Partner will work with you to assess the strengths and needs of your family and make a plan to reach your goals or address any challenges. A multi-service team approach is used, with many services to be provided on-site including the services of information/referrals, advocacy, parent-child activities, parent education, life skills, economic self-sufficiency, home visitation, housing, access to health care, & goal setting. Donít see what you are looking for on that list? We also have a list of expanded services. The FSC has partnered with thousands of Warren County families. We are here to help.


NORWESCAP’s mission is to improve the lives of low income individuals and families in need in Northwest New Jersey primarily by offering, referring or collaborating with others to provide programs and education which help foster self-sufficiency in the following domains:

  • Economic and Employment Building
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Child and Family Development
  • Housing

We will also provide community services in:

  • Information and Outreach
  • Volunteer Services
  • Emergency Services

NORWESCAP will strive to measure our progress through self-sufficiency scales driven by defined outcomes.

NORWESCAP will ultimately try to see that families have self-sufficiency across domains, seeking to strengthen the family as a whole by looking across all of a family’s needs.

As an organization, we will invest our funding and management time in the highest value projects or agency improvements that can best help families and individuals reach self-sufficiency and strengthen our communities.

News and Upcoming Events

Transitions Autumn Fest 5K Run/Walk - 2014-11-02

The Phillipsburg Fall Festival - 2014-10-25

Pathways 2 Properity - Carousel - 2014-10-22

Holistic Vendor & Psychic Fair - 2014-10-11

Family Story Hours - 2014-09-23

Race Fun Hunger - 2014-09-21

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Open Letter from Terry Newhard, Executive Director NORWESCAP

As we approach our 50th anniversary, the board and staff have taken the time to reflect on why we are in business, where we hope to be in the future as a result of our work and what we value. The outcome of those discussions led to three new statements; mission, vision and values. Over the next three letters, I will speak to each of these important organizational proclamations. Let’s start with our new mission statement: “Strengthening communities by creating opportunities that impact poverty.”

There are three parts to this statement:

· Strengthening communities –By reducing the impact of poverty, not only does the individual family benefit, but the whole community benefits. Our Pathways to Prosperity Initiative has had profound changes in the lives of the leaders (participants). At the same time, many Sussex County residents have “stepped up” and become involved; making the whole community stronger.

· …by creating opportunities – We can’t change anyone’s life or behavior; we can only help with some of the tools to get them there. Recently, one of our Family Success Center parents wanted to have an arts program. Our role was to secure a grant from the Horizon Foundation. She designed the whole concept and the program was a smash. Her life was lifted and so were the lives of 40 children and 15 volunteers. Who knows what long term impact that will have on those children?

· …that Impact poverty – At the end of the day, the reason we are business is to reduce the impact of poverty and move families toward a more self reliant life. There’s nothing more exciting than talking to a young adult that attended Head Start who went on to graduate from college; ending the cycle of poverty.

Poverty is an extremely complex issue that doesn’t lend itself to a single solution. It’s messy, often dependent on many factors, many of which are out of control of the individual (eg. Lack of living wage jobs). For some, it may mean averting a crisis during the “tyranny of the moment” and for others it could be the catalyst to move them completely out of poverty. What works for one person may not work for someone else, so impacting poverty often takes many different strategies and results in varying outcomes.

We hope that you will find greater understanding of why we are here in this mission statement. If you are inspired, please join us in our efforts in your community. Call me at 908.454.7000 extension 110 to see how you can become involved in impacting poverty