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NORWESCAP 50 Years Anniversary
Program of the Month
Head Start/Early Head Start
On July 20, 1965, the Northwest New Jersey Community Action Partnership (NORWESCAP) was incorporated by a group of concerned citizens from Hunterdon, Sussex and Warren County. NORWESCAP is one of 23 Community Action Agencies in New Jersey State, and one of over 1,000 nationwide founded on a common purpose: to support low-income households as they develop their abilities to be self-supporting and develop family and community relationships that will sustain self-reliance. Since that time we have expanded into Morris, Somerset and Passaic Counties and grown to assist more than 35,000 individuals each year with a portfolio of emergency, preventative and self sufficiency services.

Half a century later, we are preparing to celebrate our long term commitment and success in the community. Each month we will feature a program that will have media coverage and special events. The agency will receive proclamations from elected officials, bury a time capsule and culminate the year with a gala celebration. It is our belief that every person should have access to a future that includes sufficient resources, good relationships and a meaningful life. Of course, we haven’t been able to do accomplish our vision without our community partners and friends like you. Will you join us in this celebration through sponsorships and participation in our events? We look forward to serving the community for another 50 years and hope that you will help us make northwest New Jersey a stronger place for everyone to live.
Head Start and Early Head Start are grateful for the children, families, staff and community members who partner with us each day. This month we’ll be taking time for special activities for each of these groups in celebration of our 50th anniversary. In celebration of our 50th anniversary, Head Start and Early Head Start will be hosting special activities for the children, families, staff and community members who partner with us day in and day out. Community Partners will be recognized at Health and Human Service Advisory Committee luncheons to be held this month. Children will have their regular activities enhanced through a nutrition presentation, a stuffed animal wildlife presentation, a visit with local EMT’s, dental exams, and a Heart Health presentation.

Parents of enrolled children will have the opportunity to evaluate their families’ emergency preparedness through a special presentation which includes the distribution of home emergency preparedness kits. Thanks to the Staff Health and Wellness Committee, each site will have a special staff Healthy Heart activity in February. While this month we focus on our 50th anniversary, every month is a special month for NORWESCAP Head Start and Early Head Start. We’d love to have you join us. If you are pregnant or have a child birth through 4 years old, give us a call at 908-454-8830. We’d be happy to talk to you about enrolling your family in our free comprehensive school readiness program. If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, we are always looking for volunteers.
  Give us a call at 908-454-8830.


NORWESCAP’s mission is to improve the lives of low income individuals and families in need in Northwest New Jersey primarily by offering, referring or collaborating with others to provide programs and education which help foster self-sufficiency in the following domains:

  • Economic and Employment Building
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Child and Family Development
  • Housing

We will also provide community services in:

  • Information and Outreach
  • Volunteer Services
  • Emergency Services

NORWESCAP will strive to measure our progress through self-sufficiency scales driven by defined outcomes.

NORWESCAP will ultimately try to see that families have self-sufficiency across domains, seeking to strengthen the family as a whole by looking across all of a family’s needs.

As an organization, we will invest our funding and management time in the highest value projects or agency improvements that can best help families and individuals reach self-sufficiency and strengthen our communities.

News and Upcoming Events

An Introduction to the Special Education Process - 2015-03-24

Family Move Night - 2015-03-06

50th Anniversary Celebration – March, 2015 - 2015-03-02

Family Story Hour - 2015-02-24

VITA Sites - 2015-02-23

Wear Red Day at NORWESCAP - 2015-02-20

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Open Letter from Terry Newhard, Executive Director NORWESCAP

They say that every organization has a set of values, whether or not they are written down. The values guide the perspective of the organization as well as its actions. To me, values are what guide the organization when they are tested in difficult situations and show up in the agency’s culture. Recently, our board and staff reflected on our core priorities and created a new values statement based on what we believe is true.

VALUE-We will be dedicated to providing value to our clients, community and our co-workers;
ADVENTUROUS-We will be adventurous, creative and innovative in bringing new resources to impacting poverty and improving our communities;
LOYAL-We will be loyal stewards holding the organization in the highest esteem and in trust for the public and the community;
UNIFIED-We will be one unified agency representing the promise and hope of every person.
EMPATHETIC-We will be empathetic, understanding, nonjudgmental with our clients and passionate in our approaches to impacting poverty. In your interactions with NORWESCAP, we anticipate that you will experience these values in our actions and behaviors. While nothing in this world is perfect, if we consistently stray from these values, you should “call us out on it” and let me know.

Our goal is to live our mission, vision and values so we can be the leader in community service and the catalyst for our clients to experience changed lives.