Celebrating Art and Community at the 16th Annual Morris County Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Art Show and Awards Ceremony

October 30, 2023 brought rays of joy and sunshine as we witnessed the return of Norwescap’s 16th Annual Morris County Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Art Show and Awards Ceremony. Following past year’s challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, it was heartwarming to see individuals coming together once again to celebrate the extraordinary talents of our artists. This year’s event, hosted at the Marion E. Sally Building on Clyde Potts Drive in Morristown, offered a vast representation of creativity from 21 different artists. This wonderful event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of The Morris County Department of Human Services, Division of Aging, Disabilities, and Community Programming, the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and Norwescap. 

Behind the scenes, there was a dedicated team from Norwescap who worked tirelessly to make this event a reality. Led by Lanet Rivera MSW, the Program Director for Norwescap’s AmeriCorps Seniors Program, and her exceptional team, including Walter Zemlanicky, Cheryl Walters, Lisa Pino, and Pat Gold, with the newest addition of Rochelle Ostenfeld, they ensured that every detail was well-planned and executed to perfection. 

The art pieces showcased at the event were truly remarkable, a testament to the tremendous talent present in Morris County. The show featured five different categories for art submissions: Acrylic Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Watercolor, and Drawing. In each category, winners were selected for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and they received not only a satin ribbon but also generous gift bundles of art supplies to fuel their creative endeavors. 

The judges for the event were Xavier Powell, owner of operations and curation for Gallery X in West Palm Beach, Florida; Dr. Edward Ramirez, Chief Program Officer of Norwescap; and Rochelle Ostenfeld, Norwescap’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Manager. These experts had the challenging task of choosing the winners, and their thoughtful deliberation resulted in deserving recognition for some truly outstanding artists.


The Awards Ceremony was the highlight of the event, featuring heartwarming speeches and acknowledgments. Mark Valli, CEO of Norwescap, took the stage to express his gratitude and appreciation. He recognized Lanet Rivera for her tireless efforts in planning the event and acknowledged esteemed guests including Deborah Smith, County Commissioner of Morris County, Vincent Vitale, Director of Communications of Morris County, and Mary Dougherty, the First Lady of Mayor Timothy P. Dougherty’s office. 

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by Dawn Hartfelder – updated 10/13/2023