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Our Programs

Norwescap offers a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services that help people address immediate needs as well as work towards long-term success. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. But for people on the brink of crisis – food insecure, in danger of losing their homes, short on cash, struggling with employment – the journey can be long, and the first steps are often the most difficult. We are here to help. 

Our programs help individuals and families meet their most pressing needs, and build stability and resiliency for the future – while also strengthening the communities in which they live and work. From Head Start centers to adult education scholarships; from our Food Bank distributing to 100+ pantries to nutritional support through SNAP and WIC; from financial literacy and tax preparation to matched savings for a family’s first home or car, every Norwescap program offers an opportunity to move forward. 

Childcare & Early Childhood Education

Norwescap’s programs, including Head Start and Early Head Start, ensure that families have access to affordable, high-quality childcare, and that young children have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in a supportive environment.

Adult Education

Learning doesn’t stop at childhood! We support adults of all ages in pursuing educational opportunities, and obtaining education grants and certifications to fuel career growth.

Employment & Career Assistance

Norwescap helps adults gain employment and build careers through skills trainings, resume and job search assistance, preparation to enter or re-enter the workforce, and more.

Financial Assistance

Norwescap’s financial programs support individuals and families in building knowledge and tools, tackling common financial barriers, and accessing resources to save money and invest in assets.

Health & Nutrition

Norwescap supports individuals and families in securing food and improving nutrition through our Food Bank and its network, WIC, and SNAP programs; while also improving health by connecting people to medical screenings and other care, and providing education and programming to support healthy lifestyles.


Whether someone is facing homelessness, looking for more affordable housing, or working to purchase their first home, Norwescap’s programs help people navigate the full spectrum of housing needs.

Energy Assistance

Norwescap helps people with low income to reduce utility costs, make their homes more energy-efficient, and create a safer living environment.


We work to create communities where individuals and families can succeed and thrive, by partnering with local businesses and community leaders to foster safe, healthy, and prosperous neighborhoods.

Volunteer Services

Through our various volunteer and Americorps programs, Norwescap offers people of all backgrounds and income levels the opportunity to provide meaningful support to their neighbors and make their communities more vital and thriving places.

Support for Families

When a family is facing challenges, it can cause significant impact for both parents/caregivers and children. Norwescap help families navigate challenges, advocate for their needs, achieve their goals, and strengthen their bonds.

Support for Seniors

Norwescap’s programs help older adults live independently and maintain their health and well-being. Our services include improving housing safety, providing benefits counseling, and keeping seniors connected to their communities.