The Season of Abundance 

The Season of Abundance

It’s the season! Fallen leaves are crinkling under our feet as little ones donned their backpacks and lunch boxes to head back to school. Mornings for the adults-among-us offer energy packed into a cup of coffee splashed with none other than “Pumkin Spice Anything!” and questions of “What are you doing this weekend?” have turned from sunflowers trails to apple picking.  

We get it. It’s officially ‘Autumn’ – and it’s beautiful in its glory blaze of gold, orange and red!  

Autumn brings abundance; we get plentiful hours of golden sunshine to warm the grey morning skies, ample fields of pumpkins aglow in vast shades of orange, and the reddest apples bowing low from tree branches. All of this is a bounty in need of sharing and distribution in the spirit of what a fall harvest should be. Here is where Norwescap enters the scene. 

In October, we received two abundant donations. Kellogg’s donated 1,000 books to distribute to children in our Head Start and Early Head Start programs, and families who work with our Family Success Center, Child & Family Resource Services, and Pathways 2 Prosperity programs. ‘Just Between Friends Consignment’ donated a large cargo van full of children’s clothing, toys, bedding, maternity clothes and household décor.  

This much bounty made it a ripe season for a party, so we added some fun fall produce to the mix. Michele Kenedy from the Norwescap Development team did an outreach to Bob LeConte at Farmland and secured bushelsful of glorious local fresh picked apples that they delivered on-site. She also secured a donation of greater than 75 pumpkins (shall we call that a “patch-full”?) from Longmeadow Farm in Blairstown, thanks to the generosity of their owner, Bradley Burke. 

But the abundance doesn’t end there! Financial Resources Federal Credit Union generously sent over a team of 60 volunteers to assist in various Norwescap projects for the day. Distributing the goodies was just a portion of the activity taking place on Monday, October 10. It was a seasonably sunny day to spread this bounty amongst the front lawn at Norwescap Traditions Family Success Center (FSC) where dozens of families showed up to share in the festivities. While waiting in line to partake, they were able to sign-up for the Holiday Gift Drive, writing their holiday wish lists out while snacking on treats packed up and donated by the children at Stewartsville Presbyterian Church’s Youth Group, as part of their first big and exciting project with Norwescap FSC.