Mark Valli

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Mark Valli

Mark Valli is the CEO of Norwescap, bringing decades of experience in the nonprofit sector to his leadership of the Read More

Dr. Edward Ramirez

Dr. Edward Ramirez brings a wealth of experience to Norwescap as a seasoned business executive, holding a Doctor of Read More
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Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson is the Chief Development Officer for Norwescap. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the Read More

Edmund Khanoo

Edmund Khanoo serves as Norwescap’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the management and oversight of Read More

Tina Stanley

Tina Stanley serves as Norwescap’s Director of Human Resources and is responsible for managing the personnel concerns Read More

Stephen Schanowolf

As Director of Information Technology at Norwescap, Steve Schanowolf is responsible for designing and implementing Read More

Maritza Baakman

Maritza Baakman is the Executive Secretary to Norwescap’s CEO, and she also supports and collaborates with the other Read More