Getting Through it Together: Nilda’s Story

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Getting Through it Together: Nilda’s Story

Every one of our neighbors has a story. Nilda and her family are strong, resilient, and hard-working. Unfortunately, Read More

From Adversity to Resiliency: Noelle’s Story

Many of Norwescap’s programs work towards addressing and eliminating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). We know Read More
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Deanna’s Journey to Homeownership

Meet Deanna and her family! Deanna reached out to Norwescap in January 2020 with her sights set high. She told the Read More

Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann is a smart and determined woman with a contagious laugh and a warm personality. Eight years ago she was Read More

Joni Liou

You can never know someone else’s journey. When we pass someone on the street, we rarely think about what they Read More


“My life was at the bottom. I went to Norwescap for some food and never expected to become so involved. Now my life Read More