“My life was at the bottom. I went to Norwescap for some food and never expected to become so involved. Now my life is in a totally different place.”

Nitosha Y., a single mother of four, always dreamed of having a house with a yard where her children could play. She had spent most of her life living in shelters, staying with friends or residing in apartments. Last year, Nitosha lost her job due to COVID, and she started to get behind on her bills. She came to Norwescap looking for food…and what she found was an entire network of support that has helped her turn her life around.

Nitosha Y. and her four children.

Nitosha was able to get healthy food for her family from Norwescap, and also received emergency funding through our Fondo de Oportunidades, which was established during COVID to help families who did not have access to other means of support. The Fondo support allowed Nitosha to pay her bills and get her phone turned back on. With support from her newfound Norwescap community, she landed a new full-time position as a direct care support professional; she has since received a raise and promotion, built a budget, saved over $2,000, and purchased a used vehicle.

But she didn’t stop there – Nitosha also enrolled in college, and with help from Norwescap’s Degree UP program, took her grades from 15% on her first Anthropology test to 93% on the midterm. She finished her first semester with a 3.70 GPA, made the Dean’s List, and was inducted into the Honors Society. She defines herself as an “active protestor,” seeking solutions to racism and racial inequality within her community. Her career goal is to work in marginalized communities, empowering others to reach their full potential, and she has begun volunteering with Norwescap’s Pathways 2 Prosperity as a group facilitator – allowing her to give back while also gaining professional experience.

Nitosha and her children are now renting a house, and Nitosha is working towards purchasing her first home for her family. In the meantime, her favorite moments are watching her children run and play, safe in their own backyard.