Reflections on the Holiday Program at the Norwescap Traditions Family Success Center

I am sitting in the office on a Sunday afternoon.  It is very quiet; leaving time to really think before we get into the organized chaos we know as The Holiday Giving JOY Program here at Norwescap.

I am quickly becoming surrounded by amazing donated presents to the point of no room for movement.  I just did a pick up from Claudia at the Owls Nest Day Care Center in Blairstown.  It is her first year in business and her teachers, staff, and parents were so generous providing multiple gifts for each child on their list. She sent me on my way with, “don’t forget about us for next year!!”

Alison Stem and the Shammy Shine Family came to the office asking me how many families had yet to be adopted.   When I told her we had 38 families still on our list, without hesitation she said, “give them to me” and then proceeded to go to Target and shop for 2 days for these 38 families.  What an amazing commitment!

Tom at THS in Flemington is one of the most generous human beings I have ever encountered and he claims to owe it to the sign over his desk, “To whomever, much is given, from him much will be required.”  That quote sums up Tom’s personal philosophy as his staff gives to Norwescap’s Holiday Joy program every year, and personally delivers presents to our families.

AM Best takes 20 families and does it big, big, big…. every year.  IQPC Manhattan office- a group of young professionals for philanthropy is on board this year giving to the hometown families as they keep in touch with their roots.

Our work can be challenging, our hours long, somedays it might seem like the challenge we face are insurmountable — but when you can imagine a child on Christmas morning without any gifts you know you are living in a world you don’t want to be a part of — so this is the why, and this is where, that expression, “give until it hurts” comes from.  One child, one family, one community — we’re waiting for that child to smile, for the happiness, we know in our hearts to belong to all children. THAT is The Holiday Giving JOY Program here at Norwescap.

Marybeth Ringo

Director- Norwescap Traditions Family Success Center


This Year’s Current Donors;

Kohl’s Giving                                                                          IQPC Global/Manhattan Office

THS (Tournament Housing Services)                               Mars Commercial

Project Impact/PHS School District                                 Mars Retail

Alison Stem/Stem Family Shammy Shine                       St. Luke’s Warren Campus

Mahy Churylo, every year I’ve know her                          WCCC Nursing Program

IRCO Federal Credit Union                                                 Owls Nest Day Care

Starbucks                                                                                 Sts. Phillips & James School

The Town of Phillipsburg                                                     Enterprise/donation of van

JCPL Washington                                                                  AM Best

Hope Market & Deli                                                              Phillipsburg ECLC

The Alpha Library                                                                 Keller Williams Clinton

Weichert Phillipsburg                                                          Simply Grace Church, Bloomsbury

The Rotary                                                                              Sarah Curran

Norwescap Administration                                                Helene Meissner and Friends!

Maritza Baakman                                                                 Jennifer Gara, Construction Specialties

Susan, Rutgers                                                                      Jennifer Paulus

Tammy, CFRS Norwescap                                                  Dottie Cusack, Church of the Assumption

St. Phiilip and St. James Church                                      First Energy