“When I was just a teen. I decided that by the age of 25 I would be married, have two kids, my house, and a Honda Civic. Well, I wasn’t too far off. By the age of 28 I was married, by 30 I had my second daughter and by 31 I had my house.I never got the Civic but I did end with a brand new car.I joined NORWESCAP Family Self-Sufficiency about one year after I started receiving housing assistance thanks to the help of Mark Bizzarro, Sherry Sims and Margarita Howard. knew then that I was on my way to accomplishing my goal of home ownership, with the help of Jean Blevins and NORWESCAP. I attended more than the required number of Financial Education workshops and joined Housing Partnership’s Program.There were so many other avenues I took to get where I am today, A FIRST TIME HOME OWNER!

I would like to thank NORWESCAP, and the Boonton Housing Authority for their assistance and for believing in me. I also want to thank my father for his generous help and my family for dealing with me during the stressful process of finding my first home.That process in itself was not easy, from short sales, to homes under contract, being out bid and failed inspections.