June MCCYC Agenda & Minutes

Located in Morris County, Norwescap’s Morris County Council for Young Children (MCCYC) Project creates a supportive and safe environment where parents and families collaborate with local community providers and stakeholders as active partners to improve the well-being of children age eight years and under. Funded by N.J. Department of Children and Families (DCF) under the PGD B-5 Grant, MCCYC meets monthly to develop mutually-established goals and implement creative strategies that reflect the views and priorities of the families who attend the Education, Health, General Council, and Steering Committees.

Norwescap’s MCCYC supports and inspires parents to put in the time and effort during and in-between follow-up committee meetings to develop sustainable shared leadership roles that increase awareness, knowledge, understanding, trust, and develop their abilities. The parents’ voices are also heard during other state and local professional collaborative meetings.

Please refer to the following Calendars, Minutes, Agendas for more information.

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