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Virtual Telethon Seeks To Raise $1.5 Million for Local Hunterdon Nonprofits and First Responders

Many nonprofits rely on galas, auctions and other fundraising events to help support their organization each Read More

Stress & Anxiety in a Pandemic with Katie Stewart

Join us for a 30-minute Presentation with Katie Stewart, Health educator for the Warren County Health Department, Read More
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“Navigating Your Health” Part of Men’s Health Awareness Month

JOIN US FOR A CONVERSATION WITH: OLYMPIAN IVAN LEE “Navigating Your Health”Part of Men’s Health Read More

Norwescap Statement on Race and Poverty

Norwescap was founded in 1965 as part of the effort to eliminate poverty during the Civil Rights Movement in the United Read More

Follow These Steps to Avoid a Charity Scam During COVID-19

Following a tweet last month by former President Barack Obama, in which he encouraged those of us with the means to Read More

Finding Hope in the Middle of a Crisis

We’ve been unpacking some of the challenges that charities, like so many others, are facing as a result of this Read More

Nonprofits are Struggling, and are Likely to Continue to for Months to Come

So much of the news surrounding the outbreak has been gut-wrenching. Even beyond the rapidly escalating infection and Read More

COVID-19 is Causing a ‘Horrifying Surge in Domestic Violence’

As disorienting as life has been in recent weeks, many of us have at least been able to find comfort and protection Read More

Superheroes Are Everywhere

Today Superheroes are all around us. From the first responders to the medical staff and volunteers who spend their days Read More

Is There a Place for Volunteers in the Pandemic Response?

One of the greatest sources of frustration for many of us during this pandemic is feeling like we can’t do anything Read More

Four Ways You Can Help Right Now

With so many of us holed up in quarantine and the news becoming more dire by the hour, the urge to do something, Read More

A Little Caution Goes a Long Way When Donating to a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns are everywhere these days. Even if you’re judicious about how you spend your time on social Read More

We’re All in This Together

The lure to help in the wake of a major disaster—a hurricane, tornado, flooding—is certainly nothing new. In fact, Read More

Where Data Collection and Charitable Giving Intersect

Up until recently, you probably noticed a lot of headlines about strides to protect consumers’ data. That’s all Read More

How Can Changes to the Tax Code Improve Charitable Giving?

We reported how there’s been a 1.7% decrease in charitable giving since the institution of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Read More

It’s Time to Reshape Our Thinking on Giving

We tend to associate financial donations with the end of the year—about a third of all charitable giving is done Read More

Thinking About Donating to a Homeless Shelter? Read This First

We spend a lot of time discussing financial contributions here, but that’s hardly the only way to show your support. Read More

How to Give Without the Headache that Can Come Along with It

If you’re like most, your inbox swelled to near-unruly proportions between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Much of Read More

How Much Are We Giving to Charities?

We’re donating more to charities than we ever have before. That may strike you as a bit of a surprise in light of the Read More

If We’re Paying Less Taxes, Why is Charitable Giving Down?

Don’t look now, but tax season is upon us. Which makes this the perfect time to take a closer look at how our Read More