Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann is a smart and determined woman with a contagious laugh and a warm personality. Eight years ago she was living in New York City, pursuing a career that involved travel all over the country. But when she discovered that she was pregnant – and that the baby had health complications that might be very serious – everything changed. “It was so scary. But I was committed. I was ready to move forward and face whatever it took to take care of my child.”

Knowing her traveling days were over, Carrie Ann tried to find a new job – but her high-risk pregnancy made it difficult to find work. She left New York and moved in with friends in New Jersey. When her daughter Natalie was born, she needed a lot of medical attention. Weekly doctor’s appointments and frequent interventions meant that Carrie Ann couldn’t commit to a consistent work schedule. So when Carrie Ann’s friends had to move out of state, she had no money saved up and nowhere to go. 

“Going into a shelter with a baby…a sick baby…was awful. I told myself it was temporary. It was what I needed to do to get to the next step and to take care of my family. But it was so hard.”

Carrie Ann was living in a shelter with her young daughter when she connected with Norwescap. She knew there was a better future out there for them both, but she didn’t know how to get there. “I had all these skills, but I didn’t know how to translate them into a better situation. Norwescap gave me focus and vision. They were a resource for everything we needed. They did practice interviews with me. They helped me save for a car. They did so much.”

Natalie’s health was becoming more stable, but as Carrie Ann worked towards a new career path, another worry took over. “I’m single mom. How am I going to afford to put my child in daycare when I don’t even have a job yet?” Norwescap was able to obtain free childcare vouchers for the family and connect them with a nearby daycare center. “That really changed my life. That was everything to me.”

With Natalie in safe hands, Carrie Ann secured a job at a regional bank, and was finally able to move herself and her daughter into a small apartment. When she moved, Norwescap was at her side, helping her pack and get settled and finding donated furniture for her new place. “They even got me a Christmas tree and gifts for Natalie. They helped me create a home and they made me feel like family.”

Carrie Ann’s drive and determination has taken her far since she first connected with Norwescap. Today she has a full-time job as a mortgage loan processor, and her daughter is thriving in second grade. “She’s so smart. She’s her own person. And it makes me feel amazing that I can be a role model for her.” Best of all, Carrie Ann is now a homeowner – a dream that once seemed out of reach. This year, she and Natalie will celebrate the holidays in their very own home.