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How to Donate

As a resident of northwest New Jersey, you care about the quality of life in the Garden State and understand the benefits and impact NORWESCAP's services have on stabilizing families in your community for the benefit of all.

Real and anticipated changes to traditional funding for NORWESCAP threaten the ability of our organization to continue to operate with the cost efficiency and responsiveness that has been our tradition. Ninety seven cents of every dollar goes directly into serving your neighbors.

Measurable results and life changing opportunities created through NORWESCAP programs are a direct result of people like you who invest in their communities, neighborhoods and NORWESCAP.
Your donation means existing NORWESCAP services and innovative solutions to some of our most real and pressing problems will continue to be implemented. Investing in NORWESCAP returns great dividends You're one click awayfrom making one of best investments possible to insure the stability of northwest New Jersey

Thank you for your contribution

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While other charitable organizations average between .15 to .25 cents on the dollar for administrative costs NORWESCAP averages only .05 cents on the dollar. This means more of your contribution goes directly back into NORWESCAP programs in your community.

NORWESCAP is a 501C3 organization. Your e‐donation will be acknowledged in accordance with IRS regulations and is tax deductible. A REQUEST FOR DONATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT option is listed on the donation form. Simply provide your email address and contact information.

NORWESCAP prides itself on providing effective solutions to relevant community need. Serving six counties in northwest New Jersey means a diversity of services that respond to the unique needs of the community. You can choose to donate to a particular program or make an unspecified donation to NORWESCAP which will be applied to areas where funding is required. Either way, you'll be helping to strengthen the northwest New Jersey region. You can learn more about the programs NORWESCAP offers right here in our website OR by viewing the program videos on NJ NORWESCAP You Tube

Program Options:
• Apply my donation where it is most needed
• Food Bank
• Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center
• Head Start/Early Head Start
• Women, Infant and Children Supplemental Feeding Program (WIC)
• Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center
• Family Success Center of Phillipsburg
• Cancer Education and Early Detection
• Family Loan
• Energy and Housing Assistance
• Family Self Sufficiency
• Career and Life Transitions Center for Women
• Child and Family Resources Services
• Individual Development Accounts.

Your contribution is valuable and appreciated. Whether you donate $10.00 ‐$100.00 $1,000.00 or more, your investment in NORWESCAP returns great dividends to your community. People who donate to NORWESCAP generally contribute $100.00 or more. Whether you choose to make a one‐ time donation or regular monthly contributions, your online investment in NORWESCAP is always ~
Secure ~Appreciated and Important
Financial expert Suze Orman offers advice on the question of:
"How much do you give?"

Once you've made the decision to invest in NORWESCAP, simply click on the DONATE button located at the (?) of this page. You'll be directed to a form where you'll be able to direct your tax deductible donation to a specified NORWESCAP program or make a donation to NORWSCAP to be used in response to community need.
Your donation will be processed through NORWESCAP's secured PAY PAL account.

• After completing your donation using PAY PAL or credit card, you'll receive an acknowledgment for your   contribution.
• If the amount of your charitable donation requires a specific acknowledgment for tax purposes‐ check the   acknowledgment requested box and provide the contact information requested. A NORWESCAP representative will   be in touch.
• NORWESCAP respects the privacy of individuals and values your trust and confidence. We will NEVER release your   contact information or contact you without your expressed consent.
• If you would like to receive updates and information about NORWESCAP, please let us know.

There are many ways to stay connected to NORWESCAP.
ONLINE: Visit our website and stay in touch with News and Events
Join us on Face book or visit our You Tube Channel
Request to be added to our email and online newsletter publications
Contact us directly
Attend NORWESCAP events in your community
Become a NORWESCAP volunteer
We thank you for your donation and welcome you to the NORWESCAP family of businesses, friends
and residents working together to make Northwest New Jersey stronger.