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Pathways 2 Prosperity

Pathways to Prosperity (formerly Sussex Circles) is an exciting initiative to end poverty. It provides the support and resources to families, called Path Leaders, who have made a serious commitment to change their lives by becoming self-reliant and resilient.  Path Leaders complete comprehensive education resulting in the development of an action plan that maps out their road to success.  Through education, mentoring, skill building and networking Path Leaders make real and positive changes in their lives to achieve self-reliance and resiliency. 

The impact of Pathways to Prosperity on our leaders and the community is powerful and significant.  The impact on Path Leaders includes:

  • Increased  earned income
  • Homes removed from foreclosure
  • Debt reduction
  • Increased credit scores
  • Securing transportation
  • Achieving educational goals

 The impact on our community includes:

  • Reduction in social service benefits
  • Savings of unemployment benefits
  • Reduction in disability benefits
  • Small business start up

Compadres is Pathways to Prosperity children’s program.  Compadres fosters the success of Path Leaders children in school, home and the community.  The program focuses on the social and emotional growth of children, as well as character development.  Additional emphasis is placed on literacy and community responsibility.

Volunteers play a vital role at Pathways to Prosperity and there’s more than one way to make a difference.  High school students, college students and faith-based youth groups volunteer as peer mentors within the Compadres program.  Adult volunteers mentor, cook weekly meals, participate in committee work, help with marketing, appear as guest speakers, help with fundraising, and so much more.  The possibilities are endless. Whether you are interested in becoming a Path Leader or a volunteer, join us and become part of a innovative program that tackles this issue head on by transforming lives resulting in stronger individuals, families and communities.

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Our Address: 62 Main Street, PO Box 3135 Newton, NJ  07860

Phone 973-862-6680

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