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NORWESCAP has a clear and defined mission and vision as a way to define our today and to help lead us to our aspirations of tomorrow.  Our vision and mission help to explain why we exist and to define our ambition.  The Ends Statement defines which human needs are to be met, or whom, and at what cost. Written with a long term perspective, these mission-related policies embody the board's long-range vision.  We hope with our defined mission and vision you will join us in impacting poverty.

"A united community transforming poverty into opportunity."

"Strengthening communities by creating opportunities that impact poverty."

NORWESCAP's mission is to improve the lives of low income individuals and families in need in Northwest New Jersey primarily by offering, referring or collaborating with others to provide programs and education which help foster self-sufficiency in the following domains:

We will also provide community services in:

NORWESCAP will strive to measure our progress through self-sufficiency scales driven by defined outcomes.
NORWESCAP will ultimately try to see that families have self-sufficiency across domains, seeking to strengthen the family as a whole by looking across all of a family's needs.

As an organization, we will invest our funding and management time in the highest value projects or agency improvements that can best help families and individuals reach self-sufficiency and strengthen our communities.

The values of an organization are core to what guides us at NORWESCAP, our core priorities and our identity.  We are happy to present them and share them with the community.

VALUE-We will be dedicated to providing value to our clients, community and our co-workers;
ADVENTUROUS-We will be adventurous, creative and innovative in bringing new resources to impacting poverty and improving our communities;
LOYAL-We will be loyal stewards holding the organization in the highest esteem and in trust for the public and the community;
UNIFIED-We will be one unified agency representing the promise and hope of every person.
EMPATHETIC-We will be empathetic, understanding, nonjudgmental with our clients and passionate in our approaches to impacting poverty.