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Substitute Teacher Positions in the Pre-K Collaboration Rooms in Phillipsburg

Location: Phillipsburg: Roseberry/Fisher Sites
Program: Head Start/Pre-K Collaboration
Phone: 908-454-5936
Hours per week: Hours vary
Weeks per year:
Hourly base pay: $85.00-$100.00 ( Dailey)
Required education: Education requirements must be met
Required degree or training: B.A. Degree preferably with advanced standing for Preschool through Grade Three. Please supply a transcript/certificate/degree
License required:
Deadline for application: Ongoing
Detailed description: Facilitate curriculum instruction/activities in the preschool classroom.
Address: 535 Fisher Ave Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone number: 908-454-5936
Fax number: 908-454-5954
Email address: ayerss@norwescap.org

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