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The Lingering Cloud of Tobacco
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In 1964, the Surgeon General of the United States released a landmark report on the link between smoking and negative health effects like lung cancer and heart disease. Since then the portion of Americans who use tobacco has declined considerably in the face of public, health, and financial concerns. In 1965, just a year after the Surgeon General report, 42.4% of Americans over 18 smoked, but 50 years later, this figure had been cut to just over 15%. This decline has not been uniform across the board, however. On average, only 5.5% of those with a college or graduate degree smoke cigarettes, but one in three adults with only a GED are smokers. The smoking rate is also double for those below the poverty level than at or above it (26.1% vs. 13.9%), and over seventeen points higher for rural adults than urban ones. This is important because a distinct health gap exists between many urban and rural Americans, which is only made worse by the lopsided rate of smoking between the two groups. Increased rates of lung cancer, heart disease, and a host of other problems all contributes to increased costs for health insurance, which is already a significant problem for many rural areas. Smoking is estimated to cost the country $200 billion per year in medical costs and lost productivity, which is not even including the social and financial costs that come along with a nicotine addiction at the personal level. If you need help with quitting smoking, our Cancer Education and Early Detection program can provide you with free education on the subject.

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Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center is a program of NORWESCAP designed to mobilize the community to help their friends and neighbors through volunteer service.  RSVP provides meaningful opportunities for individuals age 55 and over in northwest New Jersey counties: Morris, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon and Passaic.  RSVP is part of Senior Corps, a program of the Corporation for National & Community Service, and is sponsored locally by NORWESCAP. 

Skylands RSVP’s volunteer recruitment process is unique among volunteer centers. The volunteer centers have put all their recruitment efforts into an on-line database, with little or no human contact with the volunteer.  While we fully utilize the internet-based recruitment tools available today; we continue to provide an individualized approach to volunteer deployment. Every volunteer who contacts us to find a volunteer opportunity is treated as a unique individual, with unique skills and very personal reasons for wanting to volunteer and desires for making a difference.  With each new experience, volunteers meet new people and work to solve new problems. Living a satisfying and fulfilling life means helping others, staying involved, giving back to the community and having fun.

These programs include the Volunteer Income Tax Program, State Health Insurance Assistance Program, and numerous Evidence Based Health Initiatives.  In combination with Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visiting, these programs allow many local seniors to stay in their home rather than be forced into a Nursing or Senior Care facility.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer for any of the programs mentioned above, or for any other cause within our service area, please contact our staff at 888-387-9830

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