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The Career & Life Transitions Center for Women

“The help I received with rewording and restructuring my résumé made me feel more confident about sending out my resume. ”
Joan Braunswiger

The Career & Life Transitions Center for Women, sponsored by NORWESCAP, has been serving displaced homemakers in Warren, Hunterdon Somerset & Mercer Counties for 30 years.  Displaced Homemakers are women who have lost their primary means of financial support after the death or disability of a spouse, or due to a divorce or separation and must return to the workforce.  Displaced Homemakers have traditionally been out of the job market for a significant period of time, lack marketable skills and are now faced with supporting both themselves and their family.  The mission of the Career & Life Transitions Center is to provide quality services that will assist women gain personal and economic self-sufficiency and reach their full potential through education, training, job readiness, community referrals and supportive services.  Services the Transitions Center offers include computer training, career interest inventories, vocational counseling, job search skills, support groups, life skills workshops, and referrals to community resources.    The program has offices located in Washington and in Flemington.

The situation faced by displaced homemakers has been of special significance to the JG Petrucci Foundation for many years.  In 2004 they launched the first of ten annual Crossing Borders Award Luncheons.  The money raised assisted displaced homemaker programs throughout NJ provide women with the opportunity to succeed both in the workplace and in the home as single mothers.  The JG Petrucci Family Foundation stands behind the mission of NORWESCAP’s Career & Life Transitions Center to provide women with educational opportunities, the skills necessary to obtain and retain employment and the supportive services necessary for them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Their sponsorship over the past several years clearly demonstrates their commitment and support to help women who have been out of the job market for a significant period of time, lack marketable skills and are now faced with supporting both themselves and their family.


ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBERS:  Members meet six evenings a year and help with organizing and assisting at fundraising events, and publicizing the Career Life Transitions Center in the community.

BI-LINGUAL SUPPORT: Assist as an interpreter for non-English speaking clients meeting with Case Manager who assesses client’s needs and refers them to community support resources, or translate when they meet with our Career Training Advisor who provides career interest identification.  4 Hours; once a month

WOMAN’S LEADERSHIP BOOK CLUB: Facilitators needed for book club focused on discussing books covering business leadership skills and necessary tools to succeed in the work environment.  2 Hours; Once a month

COMPUTER TUTOR: The Career Life Transitions Center holds four 50-hour computer training programs each year.  Some clients need additional 1-1 assistance to keep up with the class or on a specific program feature to increase their employability skills.  As needed.

FINANCIAL FITNESS COACHES:  Attendees need 1-1 follow-on assistance in reviewing their budgets, opening a checking account, etc. after attending our Financial Information workshops.  4 Hours; Once a Month


$1 PER WEEK OR $52 PER YEAR: would provide six women with the ability to complete the Strong Interest inventory a employment tool that helps women returning to the workforce identify their career interest.  Our Career Training Advisor is certified to interpret the Strong and provide our clients with information that would help them make an informed choice (ie labor demand, starting wages, education needed, etc.)

$5 PER WEEK OR $260 PER YEAR: would provide twenty women with the workbooks needed to attend the GOALS program, a 20 hour motivation and self-esteem program that was developed by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  The ladies describe this program as “life changing” as it addresses the lack of self-esteem and confidence experienced by women who may have been in abusive relationships, out of the workforce for many years, and/or advised their marriage has ended.  This program includes an additional 5-hour job readiness workshop.

$10 PER WEEK OR $520 PER YEAR: would purchase 31 computer manuals so displaced homemakers could attend a free 50-hour computer training program the Career & Life Transitions Center offers four times a year.  Geared towards the new computer user and taught by an adjunct professor, this training covers Word, Excel and PowerPoint instruction, plus includes an Internet Job Search workshop.

$20 PER WEEK OR $1040 PER YEAR: would cover the cost of running one, proven effective 8-week Job Club specifically geared towards women returning to the workforce after a significant hiatus.  Job Clubs have been shown to facilitate participant’s forward momentum toward securing employment and this program has been shown to assist 50% of participants gain employment within six months.

$50 PER WEEK OR $2600 PER YEAR:  would cover the cost of running two U-GOT-A-COACH programs which provides free coaching services to displaced homemakers. A team of Certified Professional Coaches are recruited who have expertise in a variety of coaching acumen and backgrounds. All coaches are certified and volunteer in this program. A coaching program provides 1-1 personal guidance to put participant’s identified goals into action. The goal of this program is to provide supplemental supportive services through coaching to empower and enlighten the women served by the CLTC with the specific goal of their gaining the tools, courage and confidence to attain sustainable positive results in their lives. This project is an innovative approach to address the needs of women whose self-esteem is worn down, sense of options evaporated, self-care is compromised, and their power of choice eroded. Coaching helps individuals gain the tools, confidence and resources and enforces the concept of accountability, responsibility and ownership for their own lives.

Wish List

Carpeting to replace stained/missing rugs in two offices and hall in Washington.  12’10” x 13’5”  ;         14’8” x 12’10”;        23’5”

Flemington Office repainted

Large Mountable White Board for computer class

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