Sussex Circles provides the supports and resources to families to become self-reliant and resilient.

Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community

A small faith-based community of approximately 30 members, their unwavering efforts substantially impacts the broader community. The Sophia Community is committed to reaching out to poor and marginalized populations, opening the doors to healing and a future of possibilities.

Sophia regularly donates time, energy and talents to meet the growing needs of the community.  They are intrinsically involved with Circles.  The members participate on the Guiding Coalition (Advisory Board), Recruitment Committee, Resource Committee, Curriculum Committee and serve as mentors to Circle participants building their pathway to prosperity. Their expertise guides Circles weekly educational sessions, recruitment efforts, fund development, strategic planning, and growth.  As mentors they assist Circle participants in increasing income, pursuing educational goals, reducing debt, securing transportation, improving credit scores and building supportive networks. Sophia’s legacy of kindness extends to feeding the hungry through recurring food donations and monetary contributions to a food pantry. Sophia’s unparalleled dedication to volunteering, improving the quality of life for struggling individuals serve as an inspiration to others to make a difference in their communities.

Volunteer Opportunity:

 There is a volunteer opportunity for everyone at Circles.  Whether you have just a few hours or an evening to spare Circles has a meaningful volunteer opportunity that will fit into your schedule.  Circles is a wonderful opportunity for families to volunteer together.  We need volunteers to make a weekly dinner, participate on a committee and help guide the Circles Initiative, serve as a mentor, assist with the children’s program, fundraising, development of pr materials as well as many other meaningful roles.

What will Money Buy:

$1 will buy 1 Circle participant’s educational materials for a week
$10 will provide a family with a gas card
$10 will feed a family a dinner
$30 will feed three families a dinner
$40 will feed a family dinner for a month
$150 will provide a dinner for all Circle participants
$1500 sponsors a family through Circles

Wish List:

$10 WalMart Gift Cards
$10 Quick Check Gift Cards to be used for gas
Shop Rite/ Weiss gift certificates
Portable Easel and Easel Pads
New 3 Ring 1” Binders
Donate a weekly meal

Contact Information
Circles TM Initiative
908-454-7000 ext. 110
fax: 908-859-0729

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