Family Success Center Helps Mom Find Success in the Community

A young woman came to the Family Success Center only able to speak Spanish. Pregnant and unsure of her future, she did not know what to do. Though a victim of domestic violence, she faced criminal charges or deportation from accidentally hurting her batterer.  Immediately she was connected to resources in the community. With the NORWESCAP Family Partner’s support, she was able to get a public defender, and the charges were reduced to a fine.  She needed to speak English, so she began to attend language classes during the day and evening while she continued to work. She started as a dishwasher at the minimum wage, but after five years of employment at the same restaurant, she now earns $13.50 per hour as Assistant Chef.

She now speaks English well enough to converse with her children’s teachers, has attended every workshop we have offered and has taken advantage of other community resources. Determined to maintain her job, she used public transportation or asked for rides to work until she purchased her own vehicle two years ago. Her son is now a second-year preschooler at theEarlyChildhoodCenter, and she uses the before- and after-school care on site. Now she is well on the road to self-sufficiency, and she rarely visits the Family Success Center except to say, “Hello.”

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