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Family Loan and Individual Development Account Program

“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything you have done for my family and me. Attending the workshops helped me learn how to create a budget and we are now saving more money. The money that I saved for school through the Dollars To Dreams(Individual Development Account/IDA) was a huge financial help. Thank you again for all the you have done for me.   Annette B.

The IRCO Community Federal Credit Union is a featured partnership for the financial literacy and economic building tools which NORWESCAP offers.  The IRCO Community Federal Credit Union provides guidance to the NORWESCAP staff working in the economic literacy field.  As a partner to the NORWESCAP Loan Committee, an IRCO representative reviews budgets, financial information, and helps with realistic goal setting for low income individuals which helps them to obtain assets and build wealth.  The IRCO Community Federal Credit Union is located in Phillipsburg.

Accumulated assets can mean the difference between stability and financial ruin when a family runs into hard times, a job is eliminated, a vehicle breaks down, or an illness strikes. Leveraging resources, financial and volunteer, can help make the difference between housing and homelessness, employment or unemployment.  Financial literacy is not taught in every school, nor is it available in every community.  During the harsh economy it became clear that thousands of individuals did not understand their mortgage papers, their student loan terms, and so many other financial transactions that impacted the country and forced thousands of people to end up with their homes in foreclosure.  This program ensures smart educated decisions occur daily.

Volunteer Opportunities:

NORWESCAP is currently seeking volunteers in Morris County to deliver financial literacy workshops to low income individuals throughout the county in partnership with other nonprofit organizations.  Volunteers versed with a knowledge of budgeting, finances, and credit reports who can work in either in a group environment, or one-to-one would assist NORWESCAP and reduce the current waiting list.

What will money buy:

  • $500-Parts to repair a working, reliable vehicle so that an individual can maintain their employment/school.
  • $1,500 will provide a 1:1 match for a low income individual enrolled in the IDA program to save for education, business, car purchase or home ownership; and could possibly be used as match for NORWESCAP leveraging 3:1 match rate.
  • $100-Gas gift cards for individuals in need of fuel/gasoline to commute to work
  • $125-Workbooks for financial literacy budgeting; savings

Wish List:

New Computers
Sponsorship for Financial Literacy Conference
Match Dollars for low income participants
Financial Literacy workbooks
Incentive/door prizes for financial literacy classes

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