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“NORWESCAP has been a large part of my life. The women there have been absolutely wonderful and I can’t thank them enough. Through their many programs I have been given the opportunity to improve my life, and the life of my family, and have made some wonderful friends along the way.” Jessica Vega

I have taken CEU’s and training through (many different agencies)…By far I have learned so much through NORWESCAP (CFRS).   Classes and trainings are so fun, very informative and interactive. The small groups make me feel comfortable and connected with the other educators in each class….plus you and your other instructors are awesome in your preparation, presentations, delivery and getting us to actively participate in our learning. I can honestly say that your training has helped me become the teacher I am now because I take what I have learned in your classes and incorporate it into my classroom…what makes attending classes an added stress free evening is that NORWESCAP is literally three turns from my house…

Danielle Basso, Resident Sussex County, NJCCA TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2012.  Educator at Loving and Learning Child Care

Child & Family Resource Services is committed to the belief that all children deserve access to quality, affordable child care that is essential to maintaining family integrity and stability.  This goal is achieved by providing free and confidential referrals to parents. Referrals are given to all regulated child care options including licensed centers, family child care homes, before and after school programs, preschools, and camps.  We offer on-line referrals, 24 hours a day that can be accessed through our agency’s website at www.norwescap.org.  Child care for children aged five and under is in greatest demand. One parent said, “Thank you for being so helpful.  Being a first time parent and looking for childcare is a tough decision but you are so kind and helpful.  I found a great child care provider close our home.” CFRS continuously analyzes the supply and demand for needed quality child care services that support families in our community.  We serve families with children that need some form of child care because families need to work, attend college, or participate in training.

CFRS currently administers child care subsidy to Hunterdon, Sussex and Warren County families that are in full time work, college, or training.  Without this subsidy for child care, the working low-income families could spend as much as 50% or more of their income on childcare making it difficult to pay for their basic needs.  One parent commented, “You were always very helpful and when I needed some financial help, everyone was so courteous and always dealt with me respectfully”.

Child care is a major part of family life and a critical support for working parents.  Parents recognize that the influence child care has on a child’s life is enduring and it is vitally important that this influence be positive.  To improve the quality of child care programs CFRS provides training to help providers meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs of children.  Qualified staff members present trainings and workshops that meet the criteria for continuing education and the state mandated professional development hours for staff, directors, public school teachers and family child care providers.  Some comments from participants are: “Useful, everyday suggestions for behaviors that present problems…gave concrete suggestions to help solve them.’  “It was a very beneficial workshop and was presented clearly and effectively in an atmosphere where teachers felt comfortable participating.”

NORWESCAP CFRS has proven to be an integral part of the child care delivery system in the communities we serve since our program was established in 1988.  CFRS has a proven track record of professionalism, compassion, and responsibility to our community.  On November 1, 2004Child & Family Resource Services received the certificate of Consumer Education Quality Assurance from Child Care Aware.  This certificate states that CFRS successfully met “The Criteria for Best Practices in the Deliver of Consumer Education and Referral designed to ensure that all families have access to accurate, useful information about child care options, quality indicator, and related resources”.

Some programs that are offered by CFRS include the Child Care Voucher programs, First Books program, Child Development Associates, Administrator’s Credential, Director’s Academy, Parent Education, Parent Coaching, Family Child Care Registration, Infant/Toddler Specialist, Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative, Strengthening Families Initiative, and our Training Institute.

Child & Family Resource Services meets a need that no one else does of providing the bridge between parents, providers, and policy makers.  By offering a unique blend of direct services and planning expertise, CFRS helps families and communities ensure that children have early childhood experiences that help them become successful.   NORWESCAP Child & Family Resource Services is here to make sure families have access to high-quality child care in our community.

Our office in Hunterdon County is located at 84 Park Avenue Suite 104E; Sussex County is located at 186 Halsey Road in Newton and Warren County is located at 350 Marshall St. in Phillipsburg. Regular office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pmMonday through Friday.  You can contact our office by calling 973-383-3461 or by email at cfrs@norwescap.org.  Our agency website is www.norwescap.org.

• 1 professional development resource book
• Mail a packet of resource information to a parent/provider
• Book label for a child’s First Book

• Fee to attend a professional development conference
• Growth and Development Charts for three Centers/FCC homes
• 75% of the cost of one day of afterschool care for a subsidy client at state rate
• Outlet Covers/Cabinet locks
• Four books for children from low-income families
• One kit with jump ropes, balls and bean bags

• Stipend for 10 programs to pay for substitutes so staff can attend training
• One training institute for a center
• 75% of the cost of care for one preschool aged child for a week of care
• First Aid Kits for 5 providers or First Aid/CPR training for two providers

• Stipend for two qualifying participants to attend PITC professional development  conference
• Sponsor a professional development conference for Early Childhood
• 75% of the cost of care for two preschool aged children for one month at the state rate
• Sponsorship of a book signing event for First Book

• Scholarship for eligible professionals to seek PITC certification or Infant/Toddler    Credential
• Bring in two national speakers to provide staff and community training
• Provide onsite technical assistance for two centers for one year. • 75% of the cost of care  for 2 families each with two children (an infant and preschool aged child) for 4 months at  the state rate

• Could hire a Child Care Health Consultant
• Sponsor the CLASS Pilot Project for five centers

Outlet cover protectors, cabinet latches, first aid kits, books, coupon books, diapers, physical activity props (jump ropes, balls, bean bags, sprinklers etc) gas cards, grocery store cards, scholarships and funding for additional programs and services.

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