CFRS Staff have CLASS!

CFRS Staff Have CLASS !!! 

Child and Family Resource Services’ staff recently re-certified as reliable CLASS observers.  Recognizing the importance of classroom interactions, CFRS Director Sharon Giacchino brought CLASS training to her staff in the fall of 2009.    “The Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS™) is an observational tool that provides a common lens and language focused on what matters—the classroom interactions that boost student learning.”

The CLASS tool:

  • Focuses on effective teaching
  • Helps teachers recognize and understand the power of their                                           interactions with students
  • Aligns with professional development tool
  • Works across age levels and subjects

At the end of training, staff must take online testing to prove reliability in observing classroom interactions with the tool.  The certification is good for one year.

Sharon Giacchino, Carmela McCleary, Laura Mickley and Colleen Rosica all recently completed re-certification.

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