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NORWESCAP is spotlighting Bernard Verosub who participated in a special Skylands RSVP & Volunteer Resource Center initiative, called the Lifebook Writing Project.  The Lifebook Writing Project allows each individual to tell their experiences, joys, triumphs and challenges in a meaningful way which can be shared with family or with the community.  The Lifebook Writing Project can last several months as in the case of Bernard Verosub.  Read more about his story and his collaboration with Skylands RSVP & Volunteer Resource Center.  Bernard Verosub is our spotlighted volunteer this month and he has this to say, “At the age of 70, I had one story to tell; at the age of 80, I had ten stories to tell; now that I’m past 90, the sky’s the limit.” – Bernard Verosub

My Life, is the name of Bernard Verosub’s Lifebook Writing Project.  He has worked on this project in one form or another for over fifteen years.  The project was completed and became a published book recently as part of a collaboration working with NORWESCAP’s Skylands RSVP & Volunteer Resource Center.    Mr. Verosub’s worked closely with Ellen Konwiser, NORWESCAP staff member.  In fact, Ellen, as a special projects coordinator for NORWESCAP, initiated and developed  the idea of the Lifebook Writing Project.  It was Ellen’s vision to allow people to tell their life story in their own words knowing that people have interesting experiences and stories to share.  Ellen has recruited different volunteers to work with this project and recently, while the project was initially offered only in Morris County, it is now being expanded to Passaic County. The volunteers work with seniors to record their life experiences for their families.

“Sharon Palmer is the volunteer who was assigned to my story, and we collaborated almost weekly over a seven-month period, working on my story. As we’ve traveled this road together, we’ve found that we have similar interests and have developed a friendship.  Sharon recruited her husband, Rob, who has extensively traversed the world of book publication, and he proved invaluable in laying out the book, designing the cover, and handling the technical details of getting my story published. Rob then called upon his brother, Steve, an expert in the world of photo editing, who was able to enhance and reconstruct the picture on the cover of this book. The picture features my grandfather, Reuben (on the right), and his two brothers, Vladimir and Aaron.  So, it was with the help of others that I completed my story and finished the project I had started so long ago. I thank them all, and I am grateful for their interest and help.—Bernard Verosub.”

If you live in Morris or Passaic County and would like to see your life story published in a Lifebook, or if you would like to volunteer and collaborate with someone like Bernard Verosub, please call Skylands RSVP & Volunteer Resource Center @ (973)-784-4900 or contact them by email at

Get Involved!

NORWESCAP’s Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center is looking for a few (well, more than just a few) good people!

With each new experience, volunteers meet new people and work to solve new problems. Living a satisfying and fulfilling life means helping others, staying involved, giving back to the community and having fun.

Skylands RSVP collaborates with over 100 different nonprofits agencies in northwest New Jersey to meet the needs of the community. RSVP markets volunteer opportunities for nonprofits on the web and in the local media. Responding candidates are pre-screened and interviewed by RSVP staff before being referred to an agency. In addition to recruiting volunteers, the Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center also offers training and mentoring to the directors of volunteers and staff members of these agencies.


Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer

10        Share your skills
9          May help you decide on a career
8          Get involved in the community
7          Learn new skills
6          Build your resume
5          Meet new people
4          Chance to become a leader
3          The great feeling you get from doing something good
2       The experience could change your life
1       Because you can make a difference!   

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